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Taiwan Film Festival

Taiwan Film Festival

October 20-22, 2010
Willamette Hall, Room 110

A festival of feature and documentary films, showcasing the finest and most innovative films of Taiwan’s Public Television Service.

Wednesday, October 20

5:45 pm – Birds Without Borders: Black-Faced Spoonbills
Release: 2009 (53 min)
Genre: Documentary
Director: Dean Johnson

As a beautiful bird only found in the wetlands of Asia, the black-faced spoonbill is magnificently captured in HD. Meet the dedicated individuals, around the world, who share the goal of protecting this endanger animal’s remaining habitats.

7:00 pm – Opening Remarks and Reception (Willamette Atrium)

7:45 pm – Nyonya’s Taste of Life*
Release: 2007 (78 min)
Genre: Feature Film
Director: Wen Chih-yi
*Discussion with filmmaker after the screening

The film looks into the lives of Indonesian and Thai workers who come to Taiwan expecting a better life. Just like the complex flavors of Nyonya’s cuisine, with a mixture of sour, spicy, and sweet – the film is filled with misunderstandings, conflicts, miscommunications, and the reconciliation (or un-reconciliation) between Taiwanese and their guest workers.

Thursday, October 21

5:45 pm – The Secret in the Satchel
Release: 2007 (51 min)
Genre: Documentary
Director: Lin Tay-jou

For 10 years, university professor Lin Tay-jou has read thousands of student journals, giving him insights into their turbulent lives. He invites three of his students to document their stories in this film. Each one has different traumas and disadvantages; however, it does not prevent them from becoming more mature in real life.

7:00 pm – Brief Reception (Willamette Atrium)

7:30 pm – Taipei 24H*
Release: 2009 (94 min)
Genre: Feature Film
Directors: Cheng Fen-fen, Niu Cheng-zer, Debbie Hsu, Cheng Hsiao-tse, Lee Chi Y., Chen Yin-jung, An Je-yi Lee Kang-sheng
*Discussion with Lee Kang-sheng after the screening

“Taipei 24H” divides 24 hours in Taipei into 8 shorts. It opens with Cheng Fen-fen’s upbeat and comedic Share the Morning, and ends with Lee Kang-sheng running the final leg of this relay with Remembrance at 4am. Well-known director Tsai Ming-liang makes a rare appearance visiting a late night coffee shop. In between is Cheng Hsiao-tse’s love story Saver the Lover’s and DJ Chen’s magical ride on Taiwan’s subway, Dream Walker. Taipei 24H is a contemporary urban chronicle of a vibrant city rarely at sleep.

Friday, October 22

7:00 pm – The Wave Breaker
Release: 2009 (86 min)
Genre: Feature Film
Director: Zero Chou

Hao-yang is a young man with motor neuron disease, a terminal disease that has paralyzed him. Passed down by his father, his brother refuses to take the test to see if he too has the disease. As his mother fights for a cure, Hao-yang begs his younger brother to bring him to the ocean, a place of happiness for him.

All events will be held in Willamette 110 and are free and open to the public.

This Film Festival is presented by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (San Francisco). For more information about the entire festival, please click here. Local sponsors include the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures and the Center for Asian and Pacific Studies.
For more information, please call (541) 346-1521.

Birds Without Borders – Black-faced Spoonbills
2009 Special Prize for Biodiversity, EARTH VISION, Japan
2009 Asian TV Awards, Singapore
2009 AIB International Media Excellence Awards, UK
2009 Natural TIFF, Japan
2009 International Festival of Ornithological Film, France
2009 Green Wave 21st Century European Environment Festival, Bulgaria
2009 Green Screen , International Nature Film Festival, Germany

Nyonya’s Taste of Life
2008 Golden Chest International Television Festival, Bulgaria
2008 International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul, Korea
2007 Best Single Drama/Best Actress/Best Director, Golden Bell Awards, Taiwan
2007 Women Make Waves Film, Taiwan

The Secret in the Satchel
2009 CINE Golden Eagle Award, U.S.A
2009 MOMA, Documentary Fortnight, U.S.A
2009 Asian Queer Film & Video Festival, Japan
2008 Golden Award, Shanghai TV Festival, China
2008 Golden Chest International Television Festival, Bulgaria
2008 INPUT, South Africa 2008 Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival, Germany
2008 Beijing Independent Film Festival, China
2007 Pusan International Film Festival, Korea
2007 International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2007 International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights, Switzerland

Taipei 24H
2010 International Film Festival Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2010 San Francisco Int’l Asian American Film Festival, U.S.A.
2009 Best Feature Film, HDFEST, U.S.A.
2009 Official Selection, Taipei Film Festival, Taiwan
2009 Jury’s Special Prize, Seoul International Drama Awards, Korea
2009 Bronze Chest Prize, Golden Chest International TV Festival, Bulgaria
2009 Tokyo International Film Festival, Japan 2009 Pusan International Film Festival, Korea

Wave Breaker
2009 Women Make Waves Film, Taiwan