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NRC Conference Proposals

Request for Proposals

The new National Resource Center (NRC) for East Asian Studies at the UO seeks proposals from UO faculty for annual public conferences related to the theme of the grant “National and Transnational East Asia.” To put this aspiration more squarely in perspective, UO’s East Asia NRC aims “to approach the region as a place steeped in distinct local and national traditions, yet also swept up in transnational flows of capital, labor, consumer goods, religion, popular culture, and information.” In this vein, we encourage faculty to submit proposals with interdisciplinary and/or transnational dimensions, but will entertain any and all East Asia-centered ideas for conference funding.

Conferences must be open to the public.  Funds can be used for travel and lodging for outside participants, keynote speaker honoraria, venue rental, and other expenses needed for organizing a successful public event.

The NRC conference funding, up to $7,500, is intended to provide a financial foundation for conferences. It is expected that applicants will seek costshare from appropriate departments, centers, or external sources.

Deadline for 2018-19 Conferences:  April 6, 2018

Please click here to access the online application. For more information, please contact Holly Lakey at