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Oregon East Asia Network Members

East Asia Affiliated Faculty and Community Members

Linda Isako Angst, Assistant Professor, Lewis & Clark College – Japan
Tami Blumenfield, Visiting Assistant Professor of Asian Studies, PSU – China
Sharon Carstens, Professor, PSU – China
Hillary Crane, Assistant Professor, Linfield College – China
Jennifer Hubbert, Assistant Professor, Lewis & Clark College – China
Gyoung-Ah  Lee, Assistant Professor, UO – China and Korea
Charlene Makley, Associate Professor, Reed College – China
Nancy Rosenberger, Professor, OSU – Japan
Bryan Tilt, Assistant Professor, OSU – China

Architecture/Landscape Architecture
Kyu-ho Ahn, Assistant Professor, UO – Korea
Howard  Davis, Professor, UO – East Asia
Ron  Lovinger, Professor, UO  – Japan

Art History
Charles  Lachman, Associate Professor, UO – China, Korea
Junghee Lee, Associate Professor, PSU  – Korea
Michele Matteini, Assistant Professor, Reed College – China
Dawn Odell, Assistant Professor,  Lewis & Clark College – China
Akiko Walley, Maude I. Kerns Assistant Professor, UO – Japan
Ann Wetherell, Assistant Professor, PSU – China

Arts and Administration
Doug Blandy, Professor and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs (AAA) – China

Business Oregon
Tom DiCorcia, Global Trade Specialist – Japan
Derrick Olsen, Global Investment Strategist – East Asia
Sunun Setboonsaarng, Global Trade Specialist – China

Center for Applied Second Language Studies
Patrick W Deegan, Japanese Global Scholar Coordinator, UO – Japan Global Scholars
Carl  Falsgraf
, Director, UO – East Asia
Amy Harter, Chinese Flagship Coordinator, UO – Chinese Flagship

Center for Asian and Pacific Studies
Lori O’Hollaren, Assistant Director, UO – Administration
Yifang Zhang, East Asia Education Outreach Coordinator, UO – Outreach

Chinese Language and Literature
Weijun Chen, Instructor, UO – China
Keith Dede, Associate Professor, Lewis & Clark College – China
Alexei Ditter, Assistant Professor, Reed- China
Steve  Durrant, Professor, UO – China
Maram  Epstein, Associate Professor, UO  – China
Denise  Gigliotti, Instructor , UO – China
Alison  Groppe, Assistant Professor, UO – China, Malaysia
Jing Jiang, Assistant Professor, Reed- China
Wendy  Larson, Professor, UO – China
Fengjun Mao, Instructor, UO – China
Jonathan Pease, Professor, PSU – China
Hyong Rhew, Professor, Reed- China/Korea
Tze-lan Sang, Associate Professor, UO – China
Zhuo Jing-Schmidt, Assistant Professor, UO – China
Stephen Wadley, Professor, PSU – China
Yugen Wang, Assistant Professor, UO – China
Huike Wen, Assistant Professor, Willamette – China
Jean  Wu, Senior Instructor, UO – China
Shiao-ling Yu, Professor, OSU – China
Juwen Zhang, Associate Professor, Willamette – China/Japan

Confucius Institutes
Dai Lan, Co-Director, UO – China
Meiru Liu, Director, PSU – China

Denise Hare, Professor, Reed – China
Martin Hart-Landsberg, Professor, Lewis & Clark -East Asia
Hiro Ito, Associate Professor, PSU
Yan Liang, Assistant Professor, Willamette

David  Li, Professor, UO – China

Ethnic Studies
Jun Xing, Professor, OSU – East Asia

Fine and Applied Arts
Barbara  Pickett, Associate Professor, UO – Japan, China
Ying Tan, Associate Professor, UO – China

Diane Durston, Curator of Culture, Portland Japanese Garden – Japan
Cynthia Haruyama, Executive Director, Lan Su Chinese Garden – China

Daniel Buck, Assistant Professor, UO – China
Heejun Chang, Associate Professor, PSU
Gil Latz, Professor, PSU – Japan/ East Asia
Xiaobo  Su, Assistant Professor, UO – China

Ina  Asim, Associate Professor, UO – China
Jeffrey Barlow, Professor, Pacific – China
Andrew Bernstein, Associate Professor, Lewis and Clark – Japan
Douglas Fix, Professor, Reed – China/Japan
Susan Glosser, Associate Professor, Lewis and Clark – China
Andrew Goble, Associate Professor, UO – Japan
Bryna  Goodman, Professor, UO – China
Jeffrey  Hanes, Associate Professor, UO – Japan
Hung-Yok Ip, Associate Professor, OSU – China
Cecily McCaffrey, Associate Professor, Willamette – China
Roxann Prazniak, Associate Professor, UO – China
Ken Ruoff, Professor, PSU – Japan
John Sagers, Associate Professor, Linfield – Japan
Linda Walton, Professor, PSU – China

Japanese Language and Literature
Steven  Brown, Professor, UO – Japan
Alisa  Freedman, Assistant Professor, UO – Japan
Miho Fujiwara, Associate Professor, Willamette – Japan
Reiko Hashimoto, Senior Instructor, UO – Japan
Jon Holt, Assistant Professor, PSU -Japan
Kaori Idemaru, Assistant Professor, UO – Japan
Kazuko Ikeda, Associate Professor, Pacific – Japan
Rika  Ikei, Instructor, UO – Japan
Masayuki Itomitsu, Assistant Professor, Linfield College – Japan
Sae Kawase,  Instructor, UO – Japan
Chris Keaveney, Professor, Linfield College – Japan
Laurence Kominz, Professor, PSU – Japan
Emiko Konomi, Assistant Professor, PSU – Japan
Ronald Loftus, Professor, Willamette – Japan
Yasutaka Maruki, Associate Professor, Pacific – Japan
Daisuke  Miyao, Associate Professor, UO – Japan
Naoko  Nakadate, Senior Instructor, UO – Japan
Yoko O’Brien, Instructor , UO –  Japan
Bruce Suttmeier, Associate Professor, Lewis & Clark College – China
Glynne Walley, UO Faculty Fellow/Adjunct Instructor – Japan
Suwako Watanabe, Professor, PSU- Japan
Jason Webb, Assistant Professor, UO – Japan
Patricia Wetzel, Professor, PSU – Japan

Kyu  Youm, Professor, UO – Korea

Korean Language and Literature
Susanna Lim, Assistant Professor, UO – Korea
Bomi Oh, Instructor, UO – Korea
KyungAh Yoon, Instructor, PSU – Korea

Eric Priest, Assistant Professor, UO – China

Robert  Felsing, Knight Library East Asian Bibliographer, UO – China, Japan

Scott  Delancey, Professor, UO – China, Tibet

Lisa Abia-Smith, Director of Educational Outreach, UO – China
Maribeth Graybill, Curator of Asian Art, Portland Art Museum – China
Ann Rose Kitagawa, Curator – East Asia
Lauren Suveges, Program Assistant, UO – East Asia

Loren Kajikawa, Assistant Professor, UO – Japan
Hekun Wu, Associate Professor, Willamette – China

Northwest China Council
Cathy Chinn, President – China
David Kohl, President-elect and Chair, Northwest Regional China Council – China
John Wong, Office Administrator – China

Planning, Public Policy, and Management
Michael  Hibbard, Professor Emeritus, UO – East Asia
Yizhao Yang, Assistant Professor, UO – East Asia

Political Science/Government
Greg Felker, Associate Professor, Willamette – Asia
Bruce Gilley, Assistant Professor, PSU – China
Karrie Koesel, Assistant Professor, UO – China
Hua-Yu Li, Associate Professor, OSU – China
Denis Simon, Vice Provost for International Affairs, UO – China
Ron Tammen, Professor, PSU – China
Tuong Vu, Assistant Professor, UO – SE Asia

Religious Studies
Kenneth Brashier, Professor, Reed – China
Alan Cole,  Professor, Lewis & Clark – China
Mark  Unno, Associate Professor, UO – Japan
Xijuan Zhang, Associate Professor, Willamette – China

Eileen Otis, Assistant Professor, UO – China

Theater Arts
Alexandra  Bonds, Professor, UO – China

East Asia Affiliated Organizations

China Business Network (within NW China Council)
127 NW 3rd Ave.
Portland, OR 97209

Japan-America Society of Oregon
221 NW Second Avenue, Suite 202
Portland, Oregon 97209

Lan Su Chinese Garden
NW 3rd & Everett
Portland, OR  97302

Lewis &  Clark East Asian Studies
0615 S.W. Palatine Hill Road, MSC 30
Portland, OR 97219

Linfield College Asian Studies
900 SE Baker Street
McMinnville, OR 97128

Northwest China Council
127 NW 3rd Ave.
Portland, OR 97209

Oregon Business Development Department (Int’l/Asia offices)
775 Summer St. NE, Suite 200
Salem, OR 97301-1280

Oregon State University Asian Studies
Corvallis, OR 97331

Pacific University Asian Studies
2043 College Way
Forest Grove, Oregon 97116

Portland Art Museum – Asia Collection
219 SW Park Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97205.

Portland Japanese Garden
611 SW Kingston Ave
Portland, Oregon 97205

PSU Center for Japanese Studies

PSU Confucius Institute
P.O. Box 751
Portland, OR 97207-0751

PSU Institute for Asian Studies
632 SW Hall St.
Portland, Oregon  97201

Reed College Chinese Studies
3203 SE Woodstock Blvd
Portland, OR 97202-8199

UO Asian Studies Program
5206 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97401-5206

UO Center for Applied Second Language Studies
5290 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97401-5290

UO Center for Asian and Pacific Studies
1246 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403

UO ChinaVine

UO Confucius Institute
103 Gerlinger Hall, 1246 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR97403-1246

UO East Asian Languages and Literatures

UO Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art (East Asia Collection/TeachAsia Education)
430 Johnson Lane
Eugene, OR 97403

Willamette University Asian Studies
900 State Street
Salem, Oregon 97301