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January 4, 2011

CAPS-News Archives

June 22, 2011-Film Screening next week – “Enemies of the People”

June 15, 2011-Job announcement – Assistant Director at Center for Intercultural Dialogue

May 20, 2011-Next week – “How Filipino Veterans Joined the Greatest Generation: Transnational Politicsand Postcolonial Citizenship, 1945-2009

May 19, 2011-IE3 Internships in Asia for next year

May 18, 2011-Oregon Humanities: Call for Submissions

May 16, 2011-Teach East Asia Conference for K-12 Educators

May 12, 2011-World Trade Week in Oregon

May 10, 2011-NW China Council event: China, Chinese Studies and the Internet

May 10, 2011-UO Confucius Institute Manager position

May 10, 2011-Bilingual (Chinese and English) Instructional Coordinator at the UO

May 5, 2011-NW China Council event: China, Chinese Studies and the Internet

May 4, 2011-Last call: APRU Undergraduate Seminar–Deadline May 9

May 4, 2011-[CEN] Summer Chinese Language Program: Mt. Lushan, China

May 2, 2011-Postdoc at Princeton: East Asian Studies

April 22, 2011-Shanghai EXPO 2010: Economy, Ecology, and the 2nd Coming of Capitalism in China

April 21, 2011-Willamette University Event: China Film Symposium

April 19, 2011-GTF positions in CSWS

April 15, 2011-“North Korea’s Politics of Survival”

April 12, 2011-Int’l Poster Session: April 20th

April 7, 2011-Japan Disaster Relief Events next Wednesday at the JSMA

April 4, 2011-Portland Events: Human Rights: What Role in US-China Relations?; Port of Portland Tour

April 4, 2011-Cinema Pacific Film Festival this week

April 4, 2011-Jeremiah talk tomorrow: ³Challenging the 18th Amendment and the NRO (National Reconciliation Ordinance), or How to Stop the Cycle of Coup d’états in Pakistan?”

April 1, 2011-Anthropology Colloquium: Early Rice Exploitation in the Lower Yangzi Valley: What are We Missing

March 29, 2011-Japanese Film Series: Tuesday evenings in Lillis 282

March 29, 2011-Open House to meet Denis Simon, new Vice Provost for Int’l Affairs

March 28, 2011-Portland Event: From the Boxer Rebellion to the Hoyt Arboretum: The Lushan Botanical Garden

March 28, 2011- International Opportunities Workshop for UO Faculty

March 28, 2011-Spring Term Events

March 17, 2011-Jane Goodall Institute: Shanghai Summer Internship Program

March 17, 2011-CCS research grants in Taiwan

March 16, 2011-“China’s Role in Regulating the Global Information Economy”: April 8

March 15, 2011-Internships in Asia

March 15, 2011-OSU talk-The Chinese Century? Business and Education in the 21st Century

March 15, 2011-Japan Relief Efforts and Vigil

March 9, 2011: Gallery Exhibition Portland “Transparent or Not” – Hsueh Wei

March 8, 2011-Events this week

March 8, 2011-Call for Papers: ASPAC and WCAAS

March 4, 2011-Call for Papers: Stanford Journal of East Asian Affairs

March 2, 2011-talk in Portland: “Wealth & Power in the 21st Century: Why Europe (Not China) is the World’s Second Superpower”

February 28, 2011-“Adopted Territory: Transnational Korean Adoptees and the Politics of Belonging”

February 23, 2011-Upcoming talk on pop culture and Japan

February 10, 2011-Chinese Government Scholarships

February 3, 2011-Call for Papers: ASPAC and WCAAS

February 1, 2011-CoDaC Summer Research Awards for Graduate Students

January 31, 2011-Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation conference grants

January 26, 2011-AAS Funding for Japan Studies

January 25, 2011-Workshop for doctoral students in Japan Studies

January 20, 2011-Summer study in Kyoto

January 10, 2011-AAS NEAC Distinguished Speakers Bureau

January 7, 2011 Paid internship opportunity in China: The Schoolhouse at Mutianyu, China

December 16, 2010- Gallery Talk and Opening Reception

December 14, 2010- AAS Korean Studies grants

December 7, 2010- IES Abroad faculty teaching opportunities in China

November 15, 2010- Call for Papers: ASPAC and WCAAS

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