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CAPS Affiliated Faculty

Gyoung-Ah  Lee, Associate Professor — China, Korea
Aletta  Biersack, Professor — Pacific Islands
William  Ayres, Professor — Pacific Islands, SE Asia
Geraldine  Moreno, Professor Emerita — SE Asia
Scott Fitzpatrick – Assistant Professor — Pacific Islands
Lamia  Karim, Associate Professor — South Asia
John  Lukacs, Professor Emeritus — South Asia

Ron  Lovinger, Professor — Japan
Kyuho Ahn, Assistant Professor — Korea
Howard  Davis, Professor — South Asia, East Asia

Barbara  Pickett, Associate Professor — Japan, China
Ying Tan, Associate Professor — China

Arts and Administration
Doug Blandy, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs (AAA); AAD Program Director — China

Art History
Esther  Jacobson-Tepfer, Professor Emerita — China, Inner Asia
Charles  Lachman, Associate Professor — China, Korea
Jenny Lin, Assistant Professor — China
Richard  Sundt, Associate Professor — Pacific Islands
Akiko Walley, Maude I. Kerns Assistant Professor — Japan

Lynn Kahle, Giustina Professor of Marketing — East Asia
Nagesh Murthy, Associate Professor of Decisions Sciences — South Asia

Comparative Literatures
Steven Brown, Professor — Japan

East Asian Languages and Literatures
Lucien Brown, Assistant Professor — Korea
Weijun Chen, Instructor — China
Roy Chan, Assistant Professor — China
Steve  Durrant, Professor — China
Maram  Epstein, Associate Professor — China
Alisa  Freedman, Associate Professor — Japan
Denise  Gigliotti, Instructor — China
Alison  Groppe, Assistant Professor — China, Malaysia
Reiko Hashimoto, Senior Instructor — Japan
Kaori Idemaru, Assistant Professor — Japan
Rika  Ikei, Instructor — Japan
Zhuo Jing-Schmidt, Associate Professor — China
Sae Kawase, Instructor — Japan
Dong Hoon Kim, Assistant Professor — Korea
Eunyoung Lee, Instructor — Korea
Fengjun Mao, Instructor — China
Daisuke  Miyao, Associate Professor — Japan
Wendy  Larson, Professor — China
Naoko  Nakadate, Senior Instructor — Japan
Yoko O’Brien, Instructor — Japan
Bomi Oh, Instructor — Korean
Glynne Walley, Assistant Professor — Japan
Yugen Wang, Associate Professor — China
Jason Webb, Assistant Professor — Japan
Jean  Wu
, Senior Instructor — China

David Li, Professor — China
Sangita Gopal, Associate Professor — South Asia

Xiaobo  Su, Assistant Professor — China
Daniel Buck, Associate Professor — China

Ina  Asim, Associate Professor — China
Bryna  Goodman, Professor — China
Andrew Goble, Professor — Japan
Jeffrey  Hanes, Associate Professor — Japan
Glenn  May, Professor — SE Asia
Arafaat Valiani, Assistant Professor — South Asia

Honors College
Susanna  Lim, Associate Professor — Korea
Terry Hunt, Professor and Dean — Pacific Islands
Roxann  Prazniak, Associate Professor — China

International Studies
Kathie  Carpenter, Associate Professor — SE Asia
Anita Weiss, Professor — South Asia

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art
Anne Rose Kitagawa, Curator — East Asia

Kyu  Youm, Professor — Korea
Biswarup Sen, Assistant Professor — South Asia

Knight Library
Noelle Byun, Korea Cataloguer
Michiyo Goble, Japanese Cataloguer
Kevin McDowell, Japan Studies Librarian
Daphne Wang, East Asia  Cataloguer
Xiaotong Wang, China Studies Librarian

Richard Hildreth, Professor — Pacific Islands
Eric Priest, Assistant Professor — China

Scott  Delancey, Professor — China, Tibet
Eric Pederson, Associate Professor — South Asia

Loren Kajikawa, Assistant Professor — Japan
Robert  Kyr
, Professor — SE Asia
Mark Levy, Instructor — SE Asia

Political Science
Karrie Koesel, Assistant Professor — China
Richard Pete  Suttmeier, Professor Emeritus — China, Japan
Tuong Vu, Associate Professor — SE Asia

Planning, Public Policiy, and Management
Michael Hibbard, Professor Emeritus– East Asia
Yizhao Yang, Assistant Professor — East Asia

Religious Studies
Mark Unno, Associate Professor — Japan

Eileen Otis, Associate Professor — China

Theater Arts
Alexandra  Bonds, Professor — China

CAPS Visiting Faculty/Courtesy Appointments