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Mission Statement

The Center for Asian and Pacific Studies is a research and outreach center devoted to promoting understanding of the Asia-Pacific region. Its primary aim is to foster collaborative and individual research engaging Asia-interested scholars from the UO, the nation, and around the world. The Center is distinctive in terms of its geographic scope with programmatic focus on East Asia, South East Asia, South Asia, and the Pacific Islands.

The Center serves as a nexus for interdisciplinary interactions with scholars and distinguished figures from the Asia-Pacific region. It fosters opportunities for students in the region and enriches and supports the Asian Studies Program. It sponsors public lectures, conferences, working papers, and special developmental and innovative projects. The Center shares its research-based knowledge and insights with students, educators, business firms, the general public, interested community groups, and government offices throughout Oregon.

The intellectual interests of the Center are extremely broad reflecting the diverse backgrounds of its affiliated faculty. It has a strong interdisciplinary focus, encompassing both historical and contemporary perspectives. The complex interaction between the global and local in the Asia-Pacific context has become a major theme of the Center in the twenty-first century.

Center Staff

Director: Jeffrey Hanes
Associate Director: Lori O’Hollaren
Outreach Coordinator: Yifang Zhang
UO-KIU Program Coordinator: Kylie Post
NRC Program Coordinator: Holly Lakey
Financial Manager: Cindy Nelson
Student Assistants: Alison Roden, Ava Jamerson, Mengfan Zhai

Advisory Board

Rachel DiNitto – East Asian Languages and Literatures
Tuong Vu – Political Science
Scott Fitzpatrick – Anthropology
Bish Sen – Journalism and Communication
Dan Buck – Geography

For more information about the Center for Asian and Pacific Studies programs, please contact:

Holly Lakey, Program Coordinator
Center for Asian and Pacific Studies
110 Gerlinger Hall
1246 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403
Phone: 541-346-5068
FAX: 541-346-0802

If you’d like, you can use our Contact page by clicking here.