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In Fond Memory of Bokim Youm

It is with great sadness that the UO Asian Studies community shares the news of the passing of Bokim Youm, dedicated UO Korean cataloguer and cherished wife of Professor Kyu Ho Youm. In addition to her work at Knight Library where Bokim was known as a great team member, she and Kyu have been consistent supporters of our efforts to build Korean studies at the UO. She and Kyu attended countless job talks and dinners in addition to hosting many meals and receptions. Although Bokim tended to be retiring at public gatherings, it was obvious to anyone who observed them that Bokim brought both strength and heart to the family she built with Kyu and to our Asian Studies family.

Bokim enjoyed working at the UO Libraries.  Even though part time, she was very dedicated to the library, helping with both the Korean and other language materials cataloging. One of her colleagues observed that “she was such a loyal team member.” She made a difference with her contribution to the library. She will be truly missed by all who had worked with her.

To Kyu and their sons Harry and Eugene, we extend our deepest sympathies on this loss that touches all of us. Please visit the link to read the loving testament written by her family that was published in the Register Guard.


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The Gertrude Bass Warner Papers are now online!
CAPS has partnered with the UO Digital Scholarship Center to digitize a collection of personal correspondence, notes, travel diaries and ephemera belonging to Gertrude Bass Warner. Mrs. Warner traveled extensively to build her collection, to study, and to promote multiculturalism and appreciation for Asian culture. She was the founder and director of the UO Fine Art Museum and she has donated over 3,700 works of art to the Jordan Schintzer Museum of Art. The digitization of her papers has been generously supported by Title VI National Resource Center funding. You can find the collection of her papers on Oregon Digital at this link:


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