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The Center for Asian and Pacific Studies, housed under the Global Studies Institute, is a research and outreach center devoted to promoting understanding of the Asia-Pacific region. Its primary aim is to foster collaborative and individual research engaging Asia-interested scholars from the UO, the nation, and around the world. The Center is distinctive in terms of its geographic scope with a programmatic focus on East Asia, South East Asia, South Asia, and the Pacific Islands.


Upcoming Events…

Friday, May 15, 2020
3:15 PM
Zoom Event
“From Phnom Penh to Portland:
A Global Media Archeology of Cambodian Rock”
Professor David Novak
University of California-Santa Barbara

In this talk, I trace the contemporary circulation of “golden era” 1960s and 1970s Cambodian popular music recordings as a global media archeology. Through five recently reissued compilations, I seek to contextualize and historicize the revival of pre-Khmer Rouge “Cambodian Rock” through its mediated movements among North American independent labels and the activities of online archivists and heritage centers in present-day Cambodia, as well as in the documentary film Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten, the play Cambodian Rock Band, and the Los Angeles based group Dengue Fever. Drawing from ethnographic interviews with contemporary preservationists and reissue labels in Cambodia, California, Oregon, and Massachusetts, I consider the role of music in memories of genocide and war, the importance of physical archives in the global recognition of Southeast Asian history, and the ethical politics of media access in the digital era.

David Novak is Associate Professor at the University of California Santa Barbara and Director of the Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Music. He is the author of Japanoise: Music at the Edge of Circulation (Duke 2013) and co-editor of Keywords in Sound (Duke 2015). His current book project, Diggers: A Media Archaeology of Global Popular Music, theorizes musical globalization through contemporary histories of digital and analog sound media, particularly among networks of record and cassette collectors, informal sound archives, reissue labels and sound recording digitization projects in Southeast Asia.

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SUMMER 2020 Course Offerings

ASIA 111: Great Books of Modern Asia
ANTH 343: Pacific Island Archaeology
ARH 208: History of Chinese Art
ARH 210: Contemporary Asian Art and Architecture
HIST 192: Japan Past and Present
JPN 199: Introduction to Japanese Language and Culture
JPN 199: Music in Japanese


Best Lecture Series
CAPS presents short lectures and event recordings on East Asia. Check out our new website!


Oregon East Asia Network (OEAN)
East Asianists from around Oregon can connect and collaborate here. And did we mention, we have funding?

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The Gertrude Bass Warner Papers are now online!
CAPS has partnered with the UO Digital Scholarship Center to digitize a collection of personal correspondence, notes, travel diaries and ephemera belonging to Gertrude Bass Warner. Mrs. Warner traveled extensively to build her collection, to study, and to promote multiculturalism and appreciation for Asian culture. She was the founder and director of the UO Fine Art Museum and she has donated over 3,700 works of art to the Jordan Schintzer Museum of Art. The digitization of her papers has been generously supported by Title VI National Resource Center funding. You can find the collection of her papers on Oregon Digital at this link:


Chinese Literature Podcast

Two UO Graduate Students, Robert Moore and Lee Moore, discuss Chinese literature in their podcast. Check out this amazing duo’s podcast here. It’s also available on iTunes.




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Check out the Chinese Language and Culture Club at Edison Elementary School. With funding from CAPS and in collaboration with the Language Teaching Specialization Program in the UO Department of Linguistics, the CLCC brings Chinese language and culture to students after school. Learn more about the CLCC here.


The Center for Asian and Pacific Studies is a Member of:

          American Institute of Pakistan Studies


       American Institute of Indian Studies


    American Institute of Bangladesh Studies


  Japan-America Society of Oregon


   Northwest China Council 




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