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East Asia Faculty Affiliates
The UO has a well-deserved reputation as a center of excellence for scholarship and teaching; and East Asian studies is the strongest area studies concentration on campus by almost every measure—faculty numbers, student enrollments, majors. The East Asian studies faculty publishes extensively.  The several books they have produced in recent years have been released by major university presses such as University of California, Stanford, Cambridge, University of Hawaii, and the University of Washington. Our faculty have also produced a number of edited volumes, and have contributed papers to many others. They regularly contribute articles to major journals, including the Journal of Asian Studies, China Quarterly, China Review, Asian Perspectives, and the Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies. Several have published Chinese, Japanese, and other translations of their monographs.

Over the past 5 years, EA faculty members have received numerous external grants, fellowships, awards, and distinctions from SSRC, ACLS, Chiang Ching-kuo, Fulbright, Japan Foundation, NEH, NSF, and the Stanford Humanities Center, among others.

Gyoung-Ah  Lee, Associate Professor — China, Korea

Kyuho Ahn, Assistant Professor — Korea
Nancy Cheng, Associate Professor – East Asia
Howard  Davis, Professor — South Asia, East Asia
Kevin Nute, Professor — Japan

Ying Tan, Associate Professor — China

Arts and Administration
Doug Blandy, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs (AAA); AAD Program Director — China
John Fenn, Assistant Professor in the Arts and Administration Program (AAD)

Art History
Charles  Lachman, Associate Professor — China, Korea
Jenny Lin, Assistant Professor — China
Akiko Walley, Maude I. Kerns Assistant Professor — Japan

Lynn Kahle, Giustina Professor of Marketing — East Asia

Center for Applied Second Language Studies
Julie Sykes, Director

Comparative Literatures
Steven Brown, Professor — Japan

East Asian Languages and Literatures
Lucien Brown, Assistant Professor — Korea
Weijun Chen, Instructor — China
Roy Chan, Assistant Professor — China
Steve  Durrant, Professor — China
Maram  Epstein, Associate Professor — China
Alisa  Freedman, Associate Professor — Japan
Yukari Furikado, Instructor- Japan
Denise  Gigliotti, Instructor — China
Alison  Groppe, Associate Professor — China, Malaysia
Reiko Hashimoto, Senior Instructor — Japan
Kaori Idemaru, Associate Professor — Japan
Rika  Ikei, Instructor — Japan
Zhuo Jing-Schmidt, Associate Professor — China
Sae Kawase, Instructor — Japan
Dong Hoon Kim, Assistant Professor — Korea
Wendy  Larson, Professor — China
Eunyoung Lee, Instructor — Korea
Fengjun Mao, Instructor — China
Daisuke  Miyao, Associate Professor — Japan
Naoko  Nakadate, Senior Instructor — Japan
Yoko O’Brien, Instructor — Japan
Bomi Oh, Instructor — Korean
Glynne Walley, Assistant Professor — Japan
Yugen Wang, Associate Professor — China
Jason Webb, Assistant Professor – Japan
Jean  Wu, Senior Instructor — China

David Li, Professor — China

Daniel Buck, Associate Professor — China
Xiaobo  Su, Associate Professor — China

Ina  Asim, Associate Professor — China
Bryna  Goodman, Professor — China
Andrew Goble, Professor — Japan
Jeffrey  Hanes, Associate Professor — Japan

Honors College
Susanna  Lim, Associate Professor — Korea
Roxann  Prazniak, Associate Professor — China

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art
Anne Rose Kitagawa, Curator — East Asia

Kyu  Youm, Professor — Korea

Knight Library
Noelle Byun, Korea Cataloguer
Kevin McDowell, Japan Studies Librarian
Xiaotong Wang, China Studies Librarian

Landscape Architecture 
Ron Lovinger, Professor- Japan

Eric Priest, Assistant Professor — China

Scott  Delancey, Professor — China, Tibet

Loren Kajikawa, Assistant Professor — Japan

Political Science
Karrie Koesel, Assistant Professor — China
Tuong Vu, Associate Professor — SE Asia

Planning, Public Policiy, and Management
Yizhao Yang, Associate Professor — East Asia

Religious Studies
Mark Unno, Associate Professor — Japan

Eileen Otis, Associate Professor — China

Theater Arts
Alexandra  Bonds, Professor — China