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Visiting Scholars: 2017-18

Huijing Wang
Research Associate
Southwest University, China
Research Project: “A Cognitive Linguistic Approach to English and Chinese Transitivity”
Faculty Advisor: Zhuo Jing-Schmidt




Mami Takahashi
Research Assistant
Portland Community College, Portland OR
Research Project: “Nature and Seasonality Presented Within Japanese Art and Culture”
Faculty Advisor: Jeffrey Hanes
Kasukabe Gakuen School, Japan




Erbaugh portrait


Mary Erbaugh
Independent Scholar
Research Project: “Hong Kong Cantonese Films
& their Changing View of the Mainland”
Faculty Advisor: Jeffrey Hanes




Tsunehiko Yabe
Associate Professor
Hosei University, Japan
Research Area: The design of small urban spaces closely associated with people’s everyday life and activities
Faculty Advisor: Hans J Neis




Xiaohua Zhao
Research Assistant
South China Normal University, China
Research Project: “A New Perspective on the Study of Epitaphs in Tang Dynasty China”
Faculty Advisor: Yugen Wang




Yuan Ye
Research Associate
Southwest University, China
Project Area: the paradox in subject of Dazu Grottoes
Faculty Advisor: Charles Lachman




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